We Asked, You Answered, and We Heard You

Here are the adult member survey results from 2011, and the corresponding 2010 data for comparison. http://www.girlscoutsalaska.org/images/2011_GSAK_Adult_Member_Survey_Results.pdf What will we do with it you ask? We use your input to shape the way we support volunteers and do business.

Takeaways from this year's survey and other feedback have sharpened this year's cookie program processes. Last year we implemented auto-pay between troop bank accounts and GSAK cookie account. You said the first withdrawal date put a hardship on the troop trying to get funds deposited in time. This year's first withdrawal date was pushed back due to that feedback.

In response to outlying volunteers, last years cookie materials were shipped directly to service unit cookie managers, and some of you were overwhelmed. This year we will assemble troop packets at Council Headquarters for Anchorage service units and direct ship only the outlying communities' paperwork.

You asked for credit card acceptance at booth sales! Last year we piloted mobile credit card acceptance with a couple locations. This year credit card systems will be available to any troop that wants to use them at booth sales.

For the past couple of years (thank you for your patience!) volunteers have been telling us that magazine sales aren't the right fit for Alaska. Some asked for the nut sale that other councils do. This year we offered our inaugural Nut & Candy Fall Product Sale.

The Adult Survey as well as a volunteer focus group held at Encampment told us you wanted more input and communication with council leadership. This year we're launching the Adult Membership Connection Committee (Adult MCC). Girls told us they wanted input too but preferred their own committee, so we are also launching a Girl MCC. The MCC's will serve as advisory bodies to the board of directors and council leadership. Geographically and ethnically diverse representation is desirable. Apply today to have your voice heard by clicking the links in this paragraph. (Deadline is November 14th)
You asked for better customer service in the GSAK Store and for an online store. We now have a full-time store manager, Amber Adams, whose top priority is customer service. We also implemented a point of sale system that will help manage our inventory to minimize out-of-stocks. And...in January 2012 we will launch the GSAK online store! Again thank you for your patience.
You said "too much paperwork." This fall we implemented an online volunteer application process, minimizing paperwork, and speeding up the new volunteer intake and volunteer renewal processes.

You asked for troop bank account debit cards and online account access. We are in the process of moving troop accounts onto FNBA's online access system so troops can manage their funds online. The next step after that is debit cards. Thank you for your encouragement.

These are just some of the ways Girl Scouts of Alaska is evolving to better meet the needs of volunteers. Thank you for sharing your input and being part of the evolution. We hear you and we are grateful for your leadership.