All I Ever Need to Know Is in the Girl Scout Law

Anne Gore continues her report of Opening Ceremonies with this post.

In my last post, I reported on the first half of the convention Opening Ceremonies and mentioned that Kathy Cloninger had just stepped on stage.  Cloninger's remarks were followed by a formal welcome from the San Jacinto Council CEO and Board Chair, and the Mayor of Houston, Annise D. Parker.  Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, and Mayor Parker (a former Girl Scout, of course), noted that in our nation's history there have only been 10 women who have headed a major American city! 

Next up was none other than Katie Couric, the keynote speaker for the evening.

Katie delighted the crowd by walking on stage in a Girl Scout uniform!

Her speech covered a full range of topics, from her professional career and background, to her work with cancer research and education.  But, the theme centered on her statement that "All I ever need to know I learned in the Girl Scout Law."  

Here are some highlights from the speech.

In speaking about honesty, Katie said "It's far more important to do the right thing than to know the right answer." 

In speaking about courage, she said
"Courage has been the most powerful weapon in my arsenal."  She also mentioned that an NBC colleague once told her, "a boat is always safe in the harbor, but a boat was not built to stay in the harbor."

In closing, Katie quoted someone else who said "You will find your purpose and passion, but make sure it serves the greater good."  She added her own words with this final remark:
"Do your best and that way every year will be the Year of the Girl." 

As Connie Lindsey, President of GSUSA's National Board of Directors so eloquently concluded, "Katie, by taking action to make your dreams a reality you are an inspiration!"  

The evening ended with a final dance performed by the Glow Girls, and the audience joined in the fun by waving our flashlights in the dark to create this beautiful light show.

For more details of this amazing evening, check out the GSUSA blog here and this fantastic video featuring Alaska's own Girl Scouts!