Reporting from Houston

Greetings from Houston, where a few of our Alaska staff, board, and Girl Scouts are attending the 52nd National Girl Scout Convention! We'll be posting on this blog at least once a day to report on the happenings here -- what we're discovering, who we're connecting with, and what "take action" ideas we can bring home to Alaska.  

The following report is from Anne Gore, our council Communications Manager.

I arrived in Houston last night, along with board member Anna Bryant and our Director of Membership and Programs, Tasha Nichols. This morning we headed over to the convention center to pick up our registration packets and check things out.

 Lots of people were picking up registration materials for their whole Council, and carrying them back to their hotels.

Girl Scout signs with the 100th anniversary trefoil and historic black and white photos are everywhere outside the convention center, inside the convention center, at the hotels...

Girl Scouts are definitely making an impression in Houston!  I even witnessed the raising of this Girl Scout flag outside the convention center, right under the Texas state flag!  

And, how cute are these restroom signs in the convention center?  Somebody took the time to paste

little green sashes on every one of these signs throughout the convention hall!

I am not registered for any sessions today, but I did have the chance to peek in on the "How to Plan a Dance Flash Mob" workshop.  The group was learning the choreographed dance moves and having a lot of fun!

I am getting excited for tomorrow when the rest of our group will be here, and the Girl Scout Leadership Institute begins.  

We'll have much more to share with you, so check back again soon.