Volunteers Brighten up GSAK Anchorage Office

Climbing ladders, wielding paint rollers, trimming hedges, and exhuming fencing - it sounds like labor-intensive work that would a inspire a fair amount of grumbling, but the volunteers who showed up at Girl Scouts of Alaska's Anchorage office Wednesday, Sept. 11 brought with them a positive energy that was contagious. 

Seven female Alyeska Pipeline Service Company employees donated their time, energy, and enthusiasm to GSAK as part of United Way of Anchorage's Day of Caring program. The program helps businesses and volunteers connect their energy and talents to their community passions. 

Frances Wesley tapes and paints a wall in the conference room

2013 marks the 20th year of Day of Caring. On Sept. 11, more than 600 volunteers from 17 companies worked on 43 service projects for Anchorage-area non-profits and parks. "By mobilizing and uniting, these skilled volunteers and dedicated corporate partners not only make an immediate difference, but they instill the value of volunteering all year long," said Sandy McClintock, director of marketing for United Way of Anchorage.

GSAK had a lot of work for the volunteers, but they proved up to the challenge. The women painted the walls in the conference room, doctored water-damaged ceiling tiles, pulled weeds and performed landscaping duties (in the pouring rain, no less), and took out an old fence that was obstructing the property.

Volunteers dispose of outdoor debris

Dawn McQuay, a telecom specialist, served as the volunteer team leader. Dawn had been a Girl Scout growing up in Illinois, so she was happy to donate her time to GSAK. "I worked out at Singing Hills last year [a GSAK camp property in Chugiak], and it was a ton of fun. When I saw Girl Scouts on the list again this year, I knew it's where I wanted to volunteer."

Frances Wesley, an oil movement analyst, has been participating in Day of Caring since Alyeska Pipeline joined as a corporate partner. "I'm a non-profit person. I volunteer a lot," Frances said. "Alyeska has always supported me in my volunteer efforts, so now it's my turn to do it for them." 

Like Dawn, Frances also participated in Girl Scouts growing up. Her daughters, now grown, were also members, and she plans to encourage her granddaughters to join the organization once they reach school age.

The painting crew!

Alyeska Pipeline Service Company formed in 1970 to design, build, maintain, and operate the Trans Alaska Pipeline System. Today the company provides safe, environmentally responsible, reliable, and cost-effective oil pipeline transportation from the North Slope of Alaska.

United Way of Anchorage is a non-profit organization whose goal is to mobilize the resources of individuals, companies, government, and labor to achieve positive and lasting change in the lives of the people in the Anchorage community.

GSAK extends a big thank you to Alyeska Pipeline and United Way of Anchorage for helping make our Anchorage office a little brighter!