Fall Product Sale Gives a ‘Boost’ to Troop Earnings

Each year, troops and individual girls take orders from friends and family for delicious nuts and candies as part of the Fall Product Sale. By participating in this program, troops can get a head start on funding their activities for the year!

Girls can earn fun patches during 
the 2014 Fall Product Sale

The GSAK Fall Product Sale program goes beyond the enjoyment of some great products – it gives girls the experience of:

  • Goal setting 
  • Decision making
  • Money management
  • People skills 
  • Business ethics  

This is a "friends and family" sale (no booth sales) that provides troops with the opportunity to earn startup funds for the new Girl Scout membership year. As products arrive and girls begin delivery the week of November 12, it’s also a great way kick off the holiday season! 

Last year Bethel Troop 17, comprised of Brownies (grades 2-3) and Juniors (grades 4-5), sold 500 Fall Product Sale items - more than any other troop in our Council. 

Troop Leader Crystal Garrison said the sale “gets girls back in the spirit of Girl Scouts and injects money into our troop bank account. As troops earn $1 for every product sold, it really is a great money-earning opportunity.” 

In 2013, Bethel Troop 17 sold 500 items during the 
Fall Product sale - more than any other GSAK troop

Crystal said GSAK’s Goal-Getter Contest inspires her girls to really get out there and sell. For every 30 items a girl sells, her name will be entered into a drawing to win an iPad Mini. 

“Last year my daughter, Bryn, actually won the iPad!” Crystal said. “You hear about these contests and you never think you can actually win, but she did. And she sold 40 products, so her name was only entered once.” 

For every 30 items a girl sells, she will be entered 
to win an iPad Mini! 

After paying the manufacturer, all proceeds from the Fall Product Sale stay within GSAK to benefit local girls. This year’s theme is “Shine with Girl Scouts.”

"The Fall Product Sale really is a great money-earning opportunity for troops," GSAK Product Sales Manager Tricia Matyas said. "Not only do girls develop important financial literacy skills they will be able to use throughout their lives, but it encourages them to work toward a goal. 

"Make sure the girls know what the troop's goal is so they can work as a team toward achieving it, whether it's a troop trip, a Take Action project, a community-service project, or an activity," Tricia added. "Also, encourage each girl to set an individual goal. When your troop works as a team, achieving your goals is easier and more fun!"   

When must I sign up? And what are the dates of the 2014 Fall Product Sale?

Troops and individual girls should sign up for the Fall Product sale by 5 p.m. Friday, October 10.

  • Girls will take orders October 3-19.
  • Troop orders are due to the Council/Service Unit October 22.
  • Deliveries to the Council and Service Units will take place the week of November 12 (tentative).
  • Troops must have all money deposited into the troop bank account on December 3 and the first Automated Clearing House (ACH) takes place December 5 (100% of the total amount due to Council).
  • Additional ACHs will take place the month of December (on an as-needed basis).

What are this year’s sale items? 

Chocolate-mint trefoils with “Shine with Girl Scouts” tin – $10
Chocolate-covered pretzels with penguin tin – $10
Cashews – $8
Chocolate-covered almonds – $8
Pistachios – $8
Chocolate-covered raisins – $7
Cranberry trail mix – $7
Dark chocolate sea-salt caramels – $6
Peanut-butter monkeys – $6
Honey-roasted peanuts – $6
Spicy Cajun mix – $6
Gummy fruit slices – $6
Care to Share product – $6

For a list of Recognition Items and Program Certificates for individual girls, check out our website

Remember, troops and individual girls should sign up for the Fall Product sale by 5 p.m. Friday, October 10. 

If you have questions, contact Product Sales Manager Tricia Matyas, 907-273-0302. 

With our troops' help and participation, we look forward to a fun-filled and successful Fall Product Sale!