Alaskans support GSAK through Pick.Click.Give.

Pick.Click.Give. allows Alaskans to share their Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) with causes they care about. Girl Scouts of Alaska is pleased to announce we are part of Pick.Click.Give. for 2014.

Based on the program’s history of success, GSAK is excited to participate this year! Money received through Pick.Click.Give. will enable GSAK to expand leadership opportunities for girls, help send girls to camp, reach more girls in underserved communities, and develop volunteers to ensure high-quality program delivery.

"Courage" in Hooper Bay

Spearheaded by the Anchorage Youth Development Coalition, GSAK has joined other youth-serving organizations to establish a joint marketing campaign called “LovealaskaYouth.” “Anchorage’s youth represent 30 percent of our population and 100 percent of our future,” said Deborah Williams, executive director of the Anchorage Youth Development Coalition. “Our youth are our most important natural resource, and investing in them through Pick.Click.Give. is both critically important and rewarding.”

Chugiak resident Gretchen Wehmhoff donates to GSAK through the Pick.Click.Give program because she believes “Girl Scouts is one of the best organizations for empowering young women.” A retired educator and current troop leader, Gretchen is a lifetime member of Girl Scouts (she started as a Brownie when she moved to Alaska in 1966) who received the organization’s highest achievement. (The highest achievement is currently called the Girl Scout Gold Award, but it has been known in the past as the Golden Eaglet, Curved Bar, and First Class.) As an adult Gretchen received the Honor Pin, which recognizes an individual’s exemplary service in support of delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience in two or more geographic areas. “Pick.Click.Give. is so easy because I look at the PFD as ‘free money.’ I donate to three organizations every year, and Girl Scouts is always one of them,” Gretchen said.

Embracing the possibilities in Metlakatla

Anchorage resident Karen Jordan served on the GSAK board 2010-2013. Currently, she serves as a member of our Finance Committee. “I usually give my big donation to Girl Scouts at the Young Women of Distinction luncheon, but in 2012 I decided to donate through Pick.Click.Give. I wanted to set an example and encourage folks who might not be able to attend the luncheon to give. What’s great about the Pick.Click.Give program is it gives participants the opportunity to not only seek out new organizations, but make an additional gift to those organizations they already support.”   

The 2014 PFD filing period runs Jan. 1 through March 31. Donating is easy:

1. Complete your PFD online 
2. Choose "Participate in Pick.Click.Give." 
3. Search for "Girl Scouts of Alaska" 
4. Choose "Girl Scouts of Alaska"
5. Contribute 

For information about the Pick.Click.Give. program, visit