We are the leaders behind the leaders...

We hold ourselves and each other accountable for living up to the Girl Scout mission, Promise, and Law.

We lead with courage, confidence, and character. We make the world a better place.

We are sisters to every Girl Scout.

We proudly embrace our role as leaders of the Movement, with full knowledge and appreciation of the fact that we are, in essence, the leaders behind the leaders.

Through our actions we inspire girls to do great things.

We take our role as mentors seriously, knowing that girls look to us and will learn as much—if not more—from how we treat each other than from how we treat them.

We practice what we preach: there is no gap between what we say and what we do.

As the premier leadership development organization for girls, we embrace our role as champions of the new Girl Scout Leadership Experience. We understand it, embrace it, and live by it.

We guide girls—literally and figuratively—on their leadership journey.

We commit ourselves, every day, to being the leaders girls aspire to be and the leaders that girls need us to be.

We are the leaders behind the leaders.

Girl Scouts strives to exemplify integrated leadership, which combines leadership of self, leadership of others, and leadership of an organization. We can all be leaders wherever we serve Girl Scouting - whether we serve as volunteers or professionals, or through direct or indirect service.

We role-model leadership by applying the three leadership keys we teach girls to ourselves. Specifically:

Our self-awareness enables girls to Discover themselves and their values.We demonstrate “leadership of self” by staying true to the values of the Girl Scout Law.

Our teamwork inspires girls to Connect with others in an increasingly diverse world.We demonstrate “leadership of others” by advancing healthy relationships, constructive conflict resolution, and diversity and inclusion.

Our ability to embrace change empowers girls to Take Action to change the world. We demonstrate “leadership of the organization” by keeping Girl Scouts relevant and by standing up for girls as they pursue their goals.

As the leaders behind the leaders, we adults in the Girl Scout Movement, all have room to grow in our own leadership journey. Join us to grow your integrated leadership skills and learn about our legacy and how to commemorate the Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary at the Adult Learning Summit: http://www.girlscoutsalaska.org/for-adults/adult-learning