Camp and Families

Girl Scouts of Alaska's Camp Togowoods and Camp Winding Trails are American Camping Association (ACA) accredited camps, which is good news for parents' peace of mind.

Sending kids to resident camp (sleep-away) is as big a step for parents as it is for campers. ACA accreditation assures parents that Girl Scouts of Alaska has made intentional commitments to safe, nurturing environments at our camps. Accreditation is a thorough process of meeting high standards for staff training, emergency management plans, health care, and overall management, in addition to developmentally based goals. Although our two camps serving the most girls are the camps that have undergone the accreditation process, our standards and philosophy are consistent at council-run camps throughout our territory.

Dealing with homesickness, for instance, is something that our staff have abundant training in working through. Homesickness is normal and common, and Girl Scouts staff have multiple tools to support girls through this growth experience. Something you can do as a parent it to write letters to your camper and leave them with camp staff to dole out over the week. In your letters, emphasize your child's strengths and your confidence in her to have a great week at camp. Keep your own anxieties as a first-time camp parent to yourself, as that may feed your daughter's homesickness rather than help her take this step to be a leader in her own life.

To learn more about ACA accreditation and tips for families' role in camp preparation and homesickness prevention, visit If you'd like to come to camp as a family, Girl Scouts of Alaska Camp Togowoods in Wasilla offers Helping Hands weekend twice a summer to maintain the camp and offer free family fun time...see catalog for more details.

Girl Scouts of Alaska is hosting thousands of girls at camps all over the state. Resident camps that still have space-availability are Camp Wilderness Adventure (Kodiak's Woody Island), Camp Featherwinds (Haines), and some sessions at Camp Togowoods (Wasilla). Find our full camp catalog at All of our day camps are still accepting campers.

In addition to day camps listed in the catalog, Girl Scouts of Alaska traveling camp is coming to dozens of rural communities this year. These day camps do not require pre-registration. Camp is underway in Kake, and has already been to Hooper Bay, Chevak, and Scammon Bay. For more information on camp coming to your town, contact the spirit of Girl Scouts.