Summer Time

End of the school year, bridging, and trips oh my! I even missed last week's blog post, being caught up in the May frenzy of activity.

As a Girl Scout leader or volunteer you play an enormous role in the lives of girls in our state. Research shows us over and over again the importance of supportive adult relationships to young people. Even girls with super parents need other supportive adult relationships in their lives. Think about the role you've played this last year for Girl Scouts beyond your own daughter, and about who plays that role in your daughter's life.

In the summer, even if you're working full-time, or caring for children home from school, time can be less a good way. Make opportunities to recharge yourself. You deserve it and you need it. You've worked hard as a volunteer all year. If you're like many volunteers, you not only gave yourself to Girl Scouts, but also PTA, church, sports-teams, school, and more. Sometimes people who spend a lot of time giving to others can be at risk for getting burned out. Taking time to care for yourself regularly can make it easier to live the Girl Scout Law and make you a better volunteer and supportive adult in girls' lives.

Summer camp is one opportunity for you to get a break, and for your daughter to gain other supportive adult relationships in her life and in her Girl Scouting. Girl Scouts of Alaska has day camps coming to over 40 communities in Alaska this summer. Resident camp is offered in Mat-Su, Kenai, Haines, and Kodiak. There are still openings and financial aid available for pre-registration camps, and day camps outside of Anchorage, Juneau, Kenai, and Togowoods don't require pre-registration. Visit or email for more information.

Summer also poses the opportunity to regroup and reorganize for the next school year, which can reduce stress going forward. I strongly encourage you to connect with your Girl Scout Member Services Specialist for support and ideas about doing things differently. The Girl Scout Leadership Experience can be achieved many different ways. In the Girl Scout Movement, we now call those Pathways. The troop model is only one of the Pathways available to Girl Scouts and volunteers alike. Find your Member Services Specialist at

Most importantly, thank you. Thank you for your time, your care, your creativity, your encouragement, and your devotion to Girl Scouts. You are treasures to Girl Scouts of Alaska and to the girls we serve.